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Honey Wood Cider

Our cider is a careful blend of mainly vintage variety west country cider apples. Our trees are not sprayed (we cannot say organic without paying silly money) and we let the cider ferment naturally with the natural yeast off the apples. We do not filter our cider and let it settle out naturally at the orchard.


We currently  supply our cider in 20 Litre (36 pints) bag in the boxes, as well as 5 litre bag in the boxes. These will last for 3 months, except for the Honey Wood Haze. We will deliver locally free of charge.


Our ciders can be found in selected local Hostelries The Cyder Presse - Weare Giffard, The Black Horse - Great Torrington, The Farmers Arms - Woolfardisworthy.


20 Litre boxes are £54.00 including VAT


5 Litre boxes are £16 including VAT


Sunshine 6.5% - Medium - A Classic blend of apples to produce this deep rich golden  cider.


From a Trip advisor at the Cyder Presse in Weare Giffard. "Sunshine, was really as good as the name implied, nice and strong too". joger_rones St Albans.


Golden Dawn 6.5% - Medium Dry - A gentle mix of Apples to create this smooth luxurious cider.


Natch - 6.5% - Dry - As the name implies this is how cider should really taste. I love it. It is dry and not to everyones taste. However after the first sip you are on your way to heaven. Well I think so.


Honey Wood Haze 5% - Medium - This a blend our natural cider and our cloudy apple juice to give a fantastically apple flavoured cider. Please note that with the Haze, as we blend our apple juice with the cider, the natural sugars slowly start to the fermentation process again. This does not effect the flavour, but it does mean that it should stored in a cool area if possible and consumed within two weeks of purchase. This only applies to the Honey Wood Haze.


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Tel 07977 194254

Please note that there is very poor if any reception at Honey Wood Orchard, so we may be slow in getting back to you


 e mail - chris.tattersall@hotmail.co.uk

We try to check our e mails and telephone daily. Our life is in the orchard not on machines. Your patience is not only very much appreciated, but essential.