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Grafting Trees


 If you are looking for a particular type of tree, and we have it growing our orchard, we will happily graft one for you. Click her for the tree varieties that we have growing. The eventual size of tree is dependant on the rootstock. You can decide what size tree you would like and we will graft it for you. If you have an old tree that is nearing its end that you wish to preserve or you are moving and want to keep this particular variety with you we can graft a scion from this onto a new tree for you.


Tel 07977 194254

Please note that there is very poor if any reception at Honey Wood Orchard, so we may be slow in getting back to you


 e mail - chris.tattersall@hotmail.co.uk

We try to check our e mails and telephone daily. Our life is in the orchard not on machines. Your patience is not only very much appreciated, but essential.