Honey wood Orchard huntshaw torrington devon

Our History

I (Chris) have always had a love of agriculture, having grown up in North Devon. After leaving School I went to Agricultural College in 1976 and worked on several farms immediately before and afterwards. However I became disillusioned, as I could see no way ever owning my own land whilst working in agriculture. My life took various courses, and in 2005 I started to make cider as a hobby. This led to the initial making of our first press, thanks my good friends and fellow members of Great Torrington Cavaliers. However I could not source the Apples that I wanted and in 2010 we started looking for some land to grow our own. Eventually we purchased the land (just under 7 Acres) at Huntshaw Mill in 2013 and the dream began.


The Orchard was been planted over a four year period starting in 2013 and I grafted the majority of the trees myself. In the first year I grafted 150 trees, the following year a further 150, the year after that 100, and finally I finished off filling in the gaps in year four.


We have over 400 trees and 65 different varieties The main bulk of the trees across the top of the orchard are all cider varieties, many of which are vintage varieties. With the cider varieties there is a split between sharps, bitter sharps, bitter sweets and sweets. On the lower side of the orchard on the slope these are mainly dessert apples for juicing, and then there are two of each of older varieties, to help conserve their type. For a full list of the varieties that we have please click here.



Tel 07977 194254

Please note that there is very poor if any reception at Honey Wood Orchard, so we may be slow in getting back to you


 e mail - chris.tattersall@hotmail.co.uk

We try to check our e mails and telephone daily. Our life is in the orchard not on machines. Your patience is not only very much appreciated, but essential.