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Welcome to Honey Wood Orchard

Honey Wood Orchard is a small family run business, come life style choice. It was thought up, created, developed and is run by Chris & Anne Tattersall along with our two sons Connàl and Declan.


The name Honey Wood comes from the medieval name for Huntshaw, and the orchard is situated on the edge of Huntshaw Wood. Not only did we like the name but it just seemed right.


Our aim is to produce the best single and mixed variety apple juice and cider from non sprayed trees. We have over 400 trees and 65 different varieties.


In this quest we aim to work with nature and the environment at all times. To us the aesthetics and the wild life are just as important as turning a shilling.


This is a long term project. The initial planting started in 2013 and we will not start any proper form of harvesting until at least 2020,  even then it will take be several years before the yields become good.  We planted the majority of our trees in the old traditional manner as standards (Big Trees), which for this sized orchard is very unusual these days. By planting standards, the time before the trees start to produce a crop is extended, but these trees should last for at least 120 years, so we hope we that we have created something for future generations to enjoy.


Do come and visit us, Chris & Anne, Connàl & Declan


For any other info please give us a ring on 07977 194254  or by email chris.tattersall@hotmail.co.uk

Tel 07977 194254

Please note that there is very poor if any reception at Honey Wood Orchard, so we may be slow in getting back to you


 e mail - chris.tattersall@hotmail.co.uk

We try to check our e mails and telephone daily. Our life is in the orchard not on machines. Your patience is not only very much appreciated, but essential.