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What we offer at  Honey Wood Orchard

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- Picnic in the Orchard -

 Come and have a picnic in the orchard. You can use our parking spaces, and then wander and mooch about at your ease as well as look at some of our vintage equipment. All we ask is that you tidy up after yourself and make a donation to North Devon Hospice, in the collection tin in the barn. You can also visit Berry Castle an Iron age hill fort in which is only a ten minute walk away in Huntshaw Wood.


 - Wild life -

Wild life is important to us, There are plenty of Rabbits living in the hedgerows that would like to eat the bark from our trees, but luckily we have plenty of tree guards to protect them. Mr Fox is a regular visitor and he helps to keep the numbers of Rabbits at bay. There are several pairs of Buzzards that regularly float up and down the valley, and we occasionally get the odd Sparrow Hawk as well Blue Tits, Hedge Sparrows, Starlings, Pheasants and Robins, to name but a few. We are also lucky enough to have Swallows nesting in the barn each summer and have made a special entrance for them. You can regularly see Roe Deer in Huntshaw wood, but we do not get them in the orchard as we have put up deer fencing to keep them out, as they could devastate a young orchard. Young apple trees are to a deer like chocolate cake is to a chocoholic, irresistible, or as I would put it, 'As good cider is to the discerning palette', gorgeous.


-Berry Castle -

 Iron age hill fort The monument includes an Iron Age hill fort which occupies the summit of a high hill overlooking the valleys of Huntshaw Water to the north and Darracott Brook to the south. The site is aligned east-west and is defined by a rampart bank and outer ditch which surround an internal area 118m long by 52m wide. The rampart bank stands up to 5.3m wide by 3.8m high and the ditch measures up to 4m wide and 2m deep. There is a stony outer bank along part of the circuit and this measures up to 3.6m wide and 0.6m high. All fences and fence posts are excluded from the scheduling, although the ground beneath these features is included.


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